Fuel tank, OE version, 52 L, fuel gauge sender at top for Porsche 356 B T6/C

356 B T6/C (1.6) 09/61-12/65
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OE 64420100107
Only for reference
OEM 571100-8
  • Please clean your fuel tank before use.
  • a failure to clean your new fuel tank before installation may destroy your carburator and result in a "non-smooth running engine".
  • Our fuel tanks are manufactured strictly according to original standard and contains a rust protection spray on the inside of the fuel tank.
  • This sprayed-on liner must be removed prior to your fuel tank installation in your vehicle.
  • Please use a carburator cleaner to clean the inside of your fuel tank.
  • Clean out and repeat 2-3 times by using gasoline as the last step in your cleaning process.
  • After this process you will fully enjoy our product.