2x Gas spring for bonnet, STABILUS for Porsche 991 981 982 Boxster Cayman FRONT

911 (991)

Boxster 981/982

Cayman 981c/982c

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OE 99151155100 - 99151155101
Only for reference
OEM 99151155101
Description Gas springs are typical wearing parts on motor vehicles, the failure of which occurs at the latest after 8 years of use. The cause is the loss of pressure in the gas spring. The better the material used and the manufacturing precision of the gas springs, the longer they naturally last. It is easy to understand that if the surface is rough, the sealing of the gas spring will fail faster and pressure loss will occur. Therefore, we recommend and sell only gas springs of the highest quality. The differences in quality sometimes become noticeable after months. Gas springs basically differ in length, stroke, type of mounting and the gas pressure or the restoring force. We have based our offers on Porsche's specifications and selected the right products for you according to model year and equipment. Because it is possible that depending on the equipment (heavy rear spoiler or rear wiper) also fit other gas springs, but originally a slightly different gas pressure is required. You can be sure to get the right gas pressure damper for your Porsche here.